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RealPlayer App is the most famous and popular powerful audio and video player.  It plays almost all audio and video formats.  With an intuitive user interface, this program guarantees your enjoyment of your multimedia files.

Realplayer Premium Apk supports many types of streaming media: Internet radio, Online TV, XM Satellite Radio, AOL video, podcasts, and RSS media feeds.  The formats that RealPlayer can play are MP3, MP4, MPG, MIDI, WMA, WAV, WMV, AVI, and hundreds of others! Download Videoder Apk Free Version.

Realplayer Downloader Apk

Real Player
Real Player Free Download


Feature Overview:

  • Downloads videos from UGC sites and saves them to the web
  • Support download of FLV and MP4 formats
  • The browser plug-in supports IE, Firefox, and Google Chrome
  • Show “Download this Video” button on UGC locales
  • Single-click to start download Real Player 11
  • Download multiple videos simultaneously
  • Seamless integration with Play, Edit, Convert, and Share features

 Manage Media

Deal with your media from Library. Arrange recordings that you’ve downloaded from the web, make playlists of melodies with Real Player 11 Download, and monitor all the photographs you took with your advanced camera.

  • Highlight Overview
  • Thumbnail perspective on recordings
  • Deal with your recordings, music, and photographs with a solitary instrument
  • Alter properties
  • Make playlists
  • Record search with Real Player 11 Download
  • Consistent joining with Play, Edit, Convert, Share, and Burn highlights


Playback music and video files, and display photos with RealPlayer 11 Download.

Realplayer 11 Free Download for Android

RealPlayer 11 Free app from the company Real Networks is a great media player that lets you download web videos directly from 1000s of video sites. Transfer videos easily to your iPod/iPhone, BlackBerry, or games console and share them on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • voice commands for search
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This Is How You Can Get Real Player Downloader Free Real Player Plus 16 Premium Version Free Burn DVD with HD Videos in addition to it enjoy them on TV and Blu-RayDownload videos from the web without any additional downloader with up to 100% faster speed supports a wide range of formats like MKV, WebM and much more with advanced features latest music cleaner to organize and repair your music Make Use Of Real Player Downloader To Download And Exchange Songs And Movies RealPlayer is considered to be one of the best media players and it has been around having since the beginning of the internet.

This media player which is a revered playback application is upgraded. The latest edition of this application is more appropriate for the name- Real Player. The creators have enhanced the cellular abilities of the performers in an intelligent way. The upgraded version is highly suitable for Android operating system, HTC phones and BlackBerry which do not have the media synching facility as that of iPods and iPhones.

Real Player Library tab: With the help of realplayer downloader app, you can easily as well as quickly download and exchange movies. It is also available with the facility of burring DVD and CD. When you view the Library Tab, you will be having songs, pictures, playlist, movie clips and downloading and files which you would like to handle.

The user interface is very straight forward which enables you to access to various categories. Various projects which you would predict from the multi-media manager can also be availed in this realplayer free download. If your press information has been signed up with the library, you will be able to modify their information, create playlist, and play them in returning and so on.

This new and innovative tab performs as per your expectation and allows you to outlook the material which is being currently played. You can also make use of Get Rid of Tab for in order to create DVDs or CDs and also for printing jewel case places for the disks. The audiophiles will also be appreciating how old songs can be converted into digitalized edition with the help of realplayer download.

Other Included Functions:

The comfortable functions like ability to publish details directly to YouTube and Facebook which are found in the old edition of this app are also included in the new version. Another important feature is that you can directly download movie clips to the real player library directly from the websites.

Another function is also included in the new version of this app which helps you in burning downloaded movie clips to DVD. This burning option will help you to watch them from your PC. This included function is very simple to use and you can make use of this function only if you like to save movie clips for your area or if you want to watch them on your TV.

Featured Availed While Connecting Phone With PC:

If you like to connect your mobile phone to your PC, the real player downloader will recognize it as an extra source and insists you to identify the model. This app will be identifying your cell phone in any state that you prefer to turn your PC information to watch on the device.

When the cell phone is connected to the PC, the real player download free will be contributing it to the library. You can outlook the information in a board which will run down the left side of the user’s window. If you are working with this realplayer downloader free, you will get the same experience which can be availed while you are working with iPhones.

Real Player
Real Player

Advantages Of RealPlayer Downloader:

RealPlayer free download can easily recognize new songs, image formation, and movies on linking your cell phone or movie. More than that, it will also help you to exchange them with your PC. This process proved to be one of the easiest ways of handling cell phone with Android operating system. You can also harmonize playlists and can exchange details to your phone just by simply pulling and losing information to your phone.

So you can search for reputable websites online and download this amazing version and real player downloader. Real Player Downloader – Assist You In Managing Music And Media Libraries The RealPlayer is most advanced universal media player that supports video and audio file format. Recently, RealPlayer version 14 was released by the developer. It comes with mobile integrity and supports mobile operating systems like Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and HTC Smartphone.

With realplayer downloader, you can view online videos and download it in just one click.  This downloaded supports high-speed movie download and uploading. It includes various features like live streaming, one click download option, DVD/ CD burn facilities and much more facilities. This application comes with the 100 % free edition and paid premium version. The free version includes advertisement presented tabs whenever you launch this application. The premium version does not have any ads or promotion tab.


The real player free downloader comes with live video streaming and one click downloading option. The interface is very clean and user-friendly. This universal media player lacks auto-refresh features once you add new media files. You can load any type of video files listen and watch. You can add thousands of music and video with this player. You can create a new music library and playlists based on your desire. This media player supports almost every video and music format available today.

The RealPlayer player streams HD video with ease. It presents movie in stunning quality and high resolution. The interface includes media controlling functions like pause, stop, and play, volume control, timer, rewind, fast-forward and much more features. This application performs as best audio and video player. The interface also includes various options like Library, Now Playing and Burn tabs. With Library tabs, you can add video and music files on to the library.

You can create new plays with your favourite media content and play it in a single click. The real downloader interface is very straightforward and easy to handle without any mess.


With RealPlayer, you can download media files directly from the internet. It also includes a video sharing option on social networking sites. You can share video links on Facebook, Twitter and transfer into your portable devices. This amazing universal media player is loaded with various stunning specification and features. The real download plays any video or music format easily. You can bookmark and download any video in just one click and expand your library.

You can convert the media files in different based on your portable device. Make use of realplayer downloader to share, transfer and download internet videos.

Monitor and control media downloads:

The real player downloader interface includes a dedicated “Download This Video” icon. You can click the icon to start to download any media files. This application launches a control panel. With this panel, you can monitor and control the video downloads such as pause, stop and cancel downloads.


This application supports downloading multiple video or music files at the same time. The download speed varies based on the internet connection and the number of downloads. While downloading, you can minimize the download progress bar and browse for other videos. This application comes with background download features.

Convert video files:

With a real player downloader, you no need to install any video converter application. It assists you to convert video files into different format based on your portable device.

Advanced sharing option:

The real player application comes with download control, copy, share, and convert and playback option. You can launch the application, watch HD videos online, share in social networking sites and download desired videos. You can browse for your favorite videos using the search options. The new videos will be delivered to your media library automatically. It assists you in finding your favorite video instantly. This Is How You Can Get Real Player Downloader Free, 8.3 out of 10 based on 10 ratings

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Real Player 11 DownloadNew and Improved What is RealPlayer 11 Download? Since its debut in 1995, Real Player 11 has evolved into the most recognized media management software in the world. Try the latest version. Whether you’re looking to play videos, download videos from the web, or you want to convert the format of a video, RealPlayer 11 Download is sure to meet your needs. Attempt the most recent variant (v.14.0) of the Basic Player for nothing. Watch your preferred recordings on your preferred gadgets. It’s social. It’s portable. It’s the new RealPlayer. 11 Download. And it’s perfect for playing and sharing video with your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. You’ll also be happy to know it works easily with your favourite devices like BlackBerry, iPod, iPhone and game consoles. RealPlayer Features and Services.

Feature Overview

  • Supports playback of significant organizations sound and video configurations, for example, FLV AVI WMV WMA MP3 MP4 3GP, RM, and some more.
  • Display images and thumbnails of photos in major formats such as JPG, GIF, PNG
  • Adjustable playback screen size, and full-screen mode
  • Change aspect ratio
  • Equalizer
  • Real Player 11 Download Video controls(color, sharpness)
  • Seamless integration with Edit, Convert, Share, and Burn features
  • [Formats supported by RealPlayer (list of file extensions}]
    rm, Rmvb, ram, ra, RV, smil, mp3, m3u, CD, cd, DVD, wav, mpg, MPEG, mpg,MPs, m2v, m1v, mpg, Mpg, Avi, mp4, m4e, m4v, WMA, WMV, wax, ASX, asf, wm, wmx, wax, MOV, qt, aac, m4a, mp2, mp1, mpg, pls, xpl, SSM, au, AIF, AIFF, mid, midi, RMI, ACP, 3gp, amr, AWB, qcp, EVRC, EVR, 3g2, DivX, Flv, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, BMP.

Simple Editing

RealPlayer Trimmer gives basic altering apparatuses of video documents

Feature Overview

  • Trims a video clip of the just part you need from a video file
  • Sets begin and end purposes of the clasp while playing the video
  • Trimming control lets you get down to the nearest keyframe
  • Shows video capture during trimming
  • Shows the audio pattern during trimming
  • Takes a still picture depiction of a casing in a video record

Play Or Download Your Favorite Video With Real Player Downloader

Real Player is a free multimedia tool that allows you to play, record, download and stream lots of audio formats online as well as offline. Download now.

Watching your favorite video online? Is the slow internet connection taking time to buffer the video? Just download the video with Real Player Downloader and watch it whenever you wish to. It is the fastest video downloader available in the market. Real Player has been the leading brand of video and audio player and now it has come up with the best video downloader in town. The new Real Downloader comes with advanced features enabling a smoother and quicker download of the videos.

Features of Real Player

  • It has a real player library where you can create your own playlists and organize the arrangement of the videos.
  • It enables you to transfer the videos on your computer to your phone so that you can enjoy the videos wherever you go. You need not save it on your computer and keep it at home. Just connect the phone to the computer and click on copy to phone and the file will be transferred.
  • There may be a lot of videos online and you may not want to download all of them. Real Player Downloader provides you with a Bookmark feature by which you can bookmark a video that you can watch later on.
  • Real Downloader allows you to watch free videos from all the major video sharing sites like YouTube and Metacafe.
  • The real player recognizes the format of the video file automatically while playing so that you do not have to spend time searching for the video codec.
  • All the video codecs like MPEG-4, DivX, VP8, etc are supported by Real Player which will allow you to watch the videos in high quality.

There is a premium version of the Real Player, which is the latest launch by the company. It is called Real Player Plus 16.

Benefits of Real Player Downloader

  • The first and foremost benefit of using the Real Player Downloader is that video downloads can be done faster. It is actually three times faster than the usual download time. The Performance speed is also increased due to the availability of parallel downloads. The internet connection speed is completely utilized for downloading the videos quickly.
  • More than thousands of videos can be bookmarked using Real Player Downloader so that you can, later on, watch the videos from the Real Player library.
  • Since more video codecs are supported by Real Player, the videos and DVDs can be watched in high quality.
  • You can also edit the part of a video using the video edit feature of it.
  • The format of the video can be transferred at a faster rate. For example, formats like MPEG2 and VOB can be transferred quickly.
  • The files saved on the computer can be moved to your mobile phones and other portable devices.
  • There is a feature in the Real Player Downloader to share the videos on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter.
  • If you choose the conceal mode, you can hide the activities of your Real Player too. In this mode, the video can be moved to a safer location that you can protect with a password.

Real player Free Download is available on the online website of Real Player.

How to download and install Real Player Downloader

There is a premium download as well as a standard basic download which can be done from the Real Player website. The premium download is not free and applies charges to download. The standard download is a Real Player Free Download.

Steps to download

  • Go to the Real Player website.
  • Click on the ‘free basic Player’ link.
  • Click on the ‘Download’ button.

The Real Player Downloader set up will get downloaded now.

Steps to install

  • After the download gets completed, click on ‘Run’ when asked.
  • This will start the installation process.
  • Click on Accept when asked to ‘accept’ the terms and conditions.
  • Then, the installation process begins and completes after a few minutes.
  • You will be asked to save a shortcut on the desktop.
  • After saving, click on the desktop icon of the Real Player Downloader.
  • There, you get the options to search for your favorite videos on the internet.
  • Click on ‘download’ given on top of the video to download it via Real Player Downloader.

There is also a video given on the website of Real Player which gives the step by step instructions on how to download and install the downloader.

Now, enjoy all those videos in high quality just by a click of the mouse. outbound Site.

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