Pokemon Go Hack

Pokemon Go Hack. There are many sources where you can download the latest version of Pokemon Go on Android. But, not all sources are reliable. So where to download Pokemon Go? You can be calm by downloading Pokemon Go for Android on our website – this is one of the most reliable sources on the Internet, TESTED!

Pokemon GO (Pokemon GO) download on Android

Pokemon Go hack
Pokemon Go hack

Have you downloaded it? Fine! Now, we will consider in detail the process of installing Pokemon Go on an Android smartphone. Let Learn How To Install Pokemon Go Hack.

How to install Pokemon GO on Android
How to install Pokemon Go
How to install Pokemon Go

The entire installation process and sequence are shown in the photo below. Everything is very simple! Let’s Play Pokemon Go Hack.

How To Play Pokemon Go
How To Play Pokemon Go
Pokemon GO installation sequence:

Let’s Install Pokemon Go Hack. First, you need to enable the installation of applications in the settings of the smartphone. To do this, go to Settings> Security> Unknown sources> Put a tick and click OK (photo 1). We recommend that after installing Pokemon Go uncheck;
The next step is to install the Pokemon Go. 2.1. If downloaded to a smartphone. Go to the menu and select “Downloads” (photo 2) or any file manager (for example, “ES Explorer.” The downloaded game will be in the “Download” folder ) and click on the downloaded file; 2.2. If downloaded to a computer. After downloading,

you need to copy the game file to your smartphone. Then open the file manager (for example, “ES Explorer” or another), go to the folder into which you copied the file and click on it (photo 2); Clicked on the downloaded file (photo 2) and the installation of Pokemon GO began. Click “Install” (photo 2), agreeing with the permission for the game, at the end of “Finish” or “Open”; All! The game is installed. You can start playing.
Embark on a journey to catch Pokemon.

If a notification appears, after starting the game Pokemon GO GPS signal not found, read how easy it is to solve it. Basic requirements for a smartphone to download and install Pokemon GO on Android:
Android version 4.4 and higher. But, there are modified builds of the game that work on Android 4.0.4; The amount of RAM from 2Gb. If your smartphone is smaller, just try installing.

Perhaps it’s just lucky and the game will work fine. You can play even with 512 Mb of RAM if the smartphone has root user rights and the Gltools application is installed. In Gltools, you need to set the texture quality for the Pokemon Go game to 0.25x. Also, for the game, you need a constant connection between the mobile Internet and GPS. If you still have questions about downloading and installing Pokemon Go on Android, ask them in the comments. We will help and answer every one!

What’s new and where to download Pokemon GO 0.159.2 for Android

The new version of Pokemon GO Hack 0.159.2 for Android + link to download the apk file

On August 23, a new version for Android Pokemon GO 0.159.2 became available. There are not many innovations, but they are. What’s new in Pokemon GO version 0.159.2. Now you can evaluate the Pokemon without leaving the game. How to do it? Very simple. We click on the Pokemon, then on the “Menu” in the lower right corner and select APPRAISE, which literally means – Rate. The leader of your team evaluates the Pokemon.

Fixed a bug during the battle in GYM, due to which the defeated Pokemon did not die, remaining constantly with 1HP. Now, according to the developers, this error no longer occurs. But, some players say the opposite – a bug is still present. Let’s hope that soon, all the same, they will correct this error.

Well, a very interesting fix is ?? Minor bot fixes. What does this mean, there is no definite answer. Most likely, the developers are hinting at improvements in the way bots are defined in the game. Pokemon GO Update 0.159.2

Download Pokemon GO 0.35.0 for Android Instructions on how to download and correctly install the latest version of Pokemon Go 0.35.0 can be found on the page Pokemon Go download on Android.

What’s New and Download Link Pokemon GO 0.159.2

Many players were really looking forward to the Pokemon GO
update and waited! As expected in the new version 0.159.2, it became possible to “walk” their Pokemon and get candy for it (Candy). What’s New in Pokemon GO 0.159.2 Added the ability to walk Pokemon – Pokemon Buddy. To select a Pokemon and start walking it is necessary to click on the trainer’s menu (lower-left corner), then again the menu (lower right corner), press “Buddy” and select a Pokemon; Now you can connect the device Pokemon GO Plus.

To connect, go to the main menu, then click Settings at the top and select “Pokemon GO Plus”; Improved clicking on the small Pokemon. Now, this is happening almost unmistakably; Improved the reliability of the game when switching the Internet from wi-fi to mobile. Now, this happens without the game “freezing”;

Fixed a bug in which Pokemon hatched from eggs without animation.
Well, and as usual – “Minor text fixes”. The most unexpected update for many Pokemon GO trainers in the new version was the termination of root support and jailbreak of devices. So, developers are struggling with dishonest players (bots and cheaters) in the game. But, many honest players have suffered from this innovation.

Pokemon walking buddy pokemon go

Download Pokemon GO 0.159.2 for Android You can download the latest version 0.159.2 on the Pokemon Go page on Android

Pokemon Go installed over 100 million times

Over 100 million Android users around the world have downloaded the
Pokemon Go game, although only a month has passed since launching
in the United States.

As of August 7, at 9:30 pm, the game broke the bar of 100 million full installations, according to the Google Play Market. And, this is not considering iOS users.

Despite this achievement, Niantic recently stated that players experienced only about 10% of what the game has to offer. New features such as trade, sports clubs, Pokemon centers, as well as the introduction of Legendary Pokemon are still planned. The next important goal of Pokemon Go is to reach 500+ million downloads on Google Play. This is a high bar, so it is not yet known how long you need to wait to get closer to this achievement.
We will definitely inform you when this happens!

Pokemon Go debuted in the USA, Australia and New Zealand on July 6th.
In less than a week, the game has already accumulated over 10 million installations via Android devices. On August 5, Pokemon Go was launched in several new countries and regions, such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Singapore, and The Philippines. Also, in Brazil officially introduced Pokemon GO a few days before.

Download Pokemon GO on Android (apk, apk) at the link below:

Night hunting Pokémon – on the rocks around Bratislava

Pokémon Go is everywhere! GoGoManTV is not left behind, he found out how to download the game to iPhone and now it is starting – literally, after Bratislava at night, chasing and hunting for life.

Despite strong competition, GoGoMan slowly improves and breaks its way to the top. Have you tried to focus on specific Pokémon – like the water ones? It’s really fun – watch the video on how to do it on the rocks – and at night.

And if that wasn’t enough for you, check out the super song Vitek and Vláda – pips in your ears and you can go 🙂

How to install Pokemon GO – tutorial and mini-review

Need a step-by-step guide on how to download Pokemon Go, install and start playing? How to avoid restrictions for some countries, what is Pokeball, where to look for Pokemon Go Pokestop and other tips? There are enough tutorials on the Internet, but this one is really ultimate! Medojed made a video where you will not only find out where to find Pokemon Go for download and how to start playing fast but most of all you will have it first hand with the opinion of a guy who has already played a game. Think of it as a mini-review with a view of a game that has fallen through the world – and make your own opinion if it’s worth moving into augmented reality.

Warning: this game is played outdoors, in a hostile world full of sun, rain, people and all the things that you normally avoid while playing on a computer or console. Plus you’ll have to walk! And quite a lot… 🙂

Pokémon Hunters – first Czech Pokemon Go song

Every day we go to the gym – but don’t go there to strengthen 🙂

Vít Source & Vláďa recorded a great song about their quest for Pokémon, the Government is becoming the ultimate rapper! Indeed, he himself says:

“I tried grime for the first time and it really excited me. In making the beat, we felt like gentlemen and I could play tough. : D “

Vítek and Vláďa are starting up incredibly, hopefully, they will continue with Pokémon in the same spirit 🙂

Game Pokémon Go – what it is and where it came from

What is Pokémon Go? A game that will undoubtedly conquer the whole world. Relatively hardware-friendly, you can also play it wherever you go. Walking is even necessary. To catch some Pokémon and succeed in a duel with other players, you have to stroll every moment. Well, at least some excess calories are burned. Just remember to recharge the battery to 100 percent before going into the field, it will be needed! You must always have GPS on, and the game won’t run when the screen saver turns on.

Pokemon Go is a hit of the year 2019

Pokemon Go Hack
Pokemon Go Hack

Pokemon Go was released only on July 6 but has already broken several records. For example, active users have more than just Twitter for a short period of time. And Nintendo shares jumped more than three hundred percent. These are unmistakable indications that the game is just flourishing – and it has hit the black for millions of enthusiastic players. Moreover, it is not difficult, you can play it everywhere and the volume of downloaded data is in the order of “only” in megabits per day.

You can hunt Pokémon anywhere

Sidewalk next to your block of flats, city center, remote periphery, supermarket, forest road, school, playground, memorable places. Everywhere you can play Pokémon Go and, with luck, catch a Pokémon. And if it fails, there is no reason for sadness – sometimes it just can’t. The chances of successful capture will immediately indicate the circle around the Pokémon. If it’s green, it’s easy. A yellow or even a red ring, however, indicates that the work with tame the animal is much more. In such cases, it is necessary to lighten up the wild Pokémon and then try to throw it with a lasso, otherwise, it will almost 100% rinse.

If you have two Pokémons of the same kind, it doesn’t matter at all. On the contrary, because you can actually be greatly rewarded. Send them to the professor’s lab and get a candy reward for your existing pets. There is no danger of dental deterioration because with these goodies Pokémons actually improves…

Do you want to start Pikachu? When creating a profile, you also choose your first Pokémon. If you refuse the traditional triple combination and hold on to the tearful look of Bulbasaur, a yellow squirrel bouncing lightning will literally pop up, literally and in the letter a symbol of the 1990’s Pokémon. And then let’s go hunting, training, healing, feeding and improving in various ways so that you will be among the best in the arena battles soon.

Pokémon Go – video tutorial and installation from Fallen

What is more current than Pokemon Go? Since I’ve been playing it for a couple of days, I decided to do a real let’s play. The video is completely different from the others, so take it with caution 🙂

A lot of you asked me how I downloaded it on iPhone, so at the end of the video you got a shorter tutorial from Pokemon Go for download .. if it didn’t work, here in the description I will throw you a link through which I downloaded it!

Be with us and get the latest news!

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